For Mohiggins15 (Warning t. Queen's Orders - Drabble Games Request - Thranduil's focused on work, Reader's focused on getting his attention. Knocking Down Walls {AJ Lee x Fem!Reader}– Kane x Reader x AJ Lee x Undertaker where the reader is (her storyline) is the daughter of the undertaker and Niece to Kane and she and AJ Lee don’t get along because of what AJ did to Kane (used him to win a match) and they have to room together on tour. Notes: Modern AU! Plot: Reader-chan and Thranduil get into an argument over Legolas and Thranduil, out of frustration and anger, slaps Reader-chan. lee pace imagine thranduil thranduil imagine lee pace imagine Imagine Lee Pace I imagine a lot of things with Lee Pace lee pace x reader. Imagine Thranduil finding you in the forest and being enchanted by your imperfect beauty Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood thranduil the hobbit imagine thranduil x reader thranduil oropherion thranduil imagine thranduil love lord of the rings imagine lotr imagine hobbit elvenking. Thranduil didn’t see you at the celebration of his wedding, nor the day after that, or the day after. Although you know you shouldn't hang around, you can't help but put your ear to the door and listen in to their conversation. Thorin x Reader: Evermore Author’s Note: Hello everyone!!! Some of you may recognize these stories from my old account! I am so excited to be back, and I managed to find a few of my stories from. A/N: This fic, and basically this series since it might not have started without her request, is dedicated to Ammy because I said on one of her posts that I was thinking of doing a Thranduil/Reader fic and I asked if she would tag me in hers when she made one and that I would do the same so, here it is!. Collide (Thorin/Reader, script format, utter crack, prequel to Soft Kitty): The Reader stumbles through a wormhole and lands in Thorin's lap. Requested: Nope! Originally posted by kazablanka96. Request Anon. Daina Fanfiction Fantasy February 18, 2018 After a failed wedding ceremony as your groom had not shown to the ceremony you came running out of the church and straight in a near by abandoned park where you spent a night sleeping under a rather large oak tree that quite well stood out in the park. AA/N: This is terrible I know, but I tried! It's my first RPF, so bear with me XD. Wordcount: 1548. ^^' (Thranduil x reader. Where You Belong ( Fili x reader ) We Need To Talk ( Thranduil x reader ) Let The Best One Win (Bard x reader, Legolas x reader, Thranduil x reader) Standing in the Rain ( Fili x reader ) My Angel ( Kili x reader ) Autumn Colors ( Fili x reader ) Dance With Me ( Kili modern!AU x reader ) Small But Fierce ( Thranduil x reader ). Reupload ︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ Summary: After saving you from a Giant Spider, the Elvenking demands to know the reason for your foolish attempt to escape from Mirkwood - and from him. (hehe, it rhymes:D)<<